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What Is JULUKA Fitness?

With its origins in the South African language of Zulu, the word ‘JULUKA’ is simply translated as ‘sweat’ or ‘perspire’. At JULUKA Fitness, we know that the same effort, determination, and persistence that makes you sweat and grow physically will also help you grow mentally. When your body is pushed to its limits and you learn to challenge yourself to do more, you bring out your inner warrior and forge ahead toward optimal wellness. This is what motivated Garth Wakeford to design the unique health and fitness activities offered at JULUKA Fitness.

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Garth Wakeford

About Garth 

Hailing from South Africa, Garth Wakeford is no stranger to ‘JULUKA’. As a young boy, he excelled at sports and even played rugby professionally after getting his BA in human movement science and kinesiology from Rhodes University South Africa.

Prior to that, however, a near-death experience as a teen provided part of the foundation for his career today. With serious injuries from a tractor accident, he learned how to refine exercises prescribed by health professionals to enhance his own healing. Through this process, Garth learned that the body can do amazing things when the mind is strong and determined to succeed.

Today, Garth Wakeford is the proud founder of JULUKA Fitness where he and his team help clients achieve optimal wellness every day. Garth is also a NASM certified personal trainer, a Pose Method running coach, and a Concept2 rower coach. Combine that with his college degree, 12 years of experience at the exclusive LA PALESTRA club in New York City, and his background as an athlete and Army officer, Garth has the skills to manage the needs and expectations of his clients.


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